Thursday, February 2, 2012

The end of the month scoreboard

This business can be a heck of a roller coaster ride.  Some weeks you feel like your going out of business because everything is going wrong, and the next week you feel on top of the world.  I have been writing a lot more generic advise posts than I expected when I started this blog.  I have my best material when things are going wrong and things have been going pretty well this week.  A few days ago I posted about my point system.  I have attached a picture of my actual board below.  It may be a little small or you to read all the details but remember I write lost customers in red and new customers in green.  You will note there is a lot of red and losses at the start of the month.  Right in the middle of this is when I started my blog about what I do on Saturdays.  Shortly after that, things suddenly turned for the better and we booked a lot of gains in green.

Now here is where it gets really entertaining for me.  I drew a red line of the board.  That is when I left town for two weeks to go to Charleston and Orlando.  When I left we were at a negative ten meaning we had 10 fewer appointments per month scheduled than we started at the beginning of the month.  At this loss rate of customers we go out of business in 26 months.  It was looking bleak.  Then I left for two weeks and they turned things around.  We ended the month at plus 2 points meaning we actually have 2 more on going appointments scheduled per month than we started.  Not a record growth rate but a lot better than the loss rate we were facing when I left.

My office staff has been telling for months I just get in the way.  I guess they may be right.   However I find myself without as many interesting things to write about.  It is amazing how fast the tide turns in our business.


Marzena said...

I love this idea. Sorry, but I am going to steal it.

Derek Christian said...

Feel free. If I was not willing to share it I would not be writing it in public. Let me know anything else you like and use as that is what I love about the blog. It is no fun to write when I have no idea if anyone likes anything I am doing.