Monday, February 27, 2012

What not to put on your application for a cleaning service

OK today's blog is mostly for humor and was inspired by some of the more interesting applications we got this week.  I have been amazed by what people will put on their application.  These people probably tell all their friends how they cannot find a job and no one is hiring.   Lets make this one interactive, post your best examples in the comments below.  Lets just go for what people write on the application for now.  We will save the dumb interview answers for later.

1.  Reason you left job:  I asked for a vacation.  They declined the day so I quit.

2.  References:  Mrs. Smith - Relationship – Parole Officer

3.  Previous Employment – Vet Office – Reason you left the job – I could not tolerate the dust and dog hair.  (Remember applying for a cleaning job here)

And the winner from today that inspired this column:
4.  Previous Place of Employment – Hotel House Keeper – Reason for Leaving – Baby Fell off Balcony.  


Marzena said...

Someone once wrote that she wants to open a cleaning service in the future;)
Someone else told me to go to hell, because I offered not enough money. I really liked this one, was laughing all week.

Derek Christian said...

I like that, I want to open a cleaning service so please train me.

Another one that comes up is "Can you pay me cash under the table? I am on disability from my last job." Translation - I am cheating my last employer please hire me.