Thursday, January 19, 2012

How trying to get coffee this morning proves Chemical Free Cleaning will work

A lot of people keep telling me that this chemical free cleaning company is a bad idea.  I am constantly told that no one cares about green cleaning much less cleaning with nothing but water.  Even some companies that do offer it tell me they don’t think their customers really care.  Everyone seems to agree that no one will pay a premium for it.  They all seem to think I am nuts.

Well today I tried to go to breakfast with a friend.  I say tried because it became quite an adventure.  We are not at home so we would pull into a place, go in, then we had to leave.  They used foam cups and he will not drink out of a foam cup.  We did this 3 times before we FINALLY found a place he could get a cup of coffee.  Remember this is a $2.00 cup of coffee at most and we spent more than that in gas much less time driving from place to place.  The reason why he cared so much?  He said studies show that hot drinks leach the toxins from foam and that gets into his body.  He also will not eat anywhere that uses a microwave including his home because the excitement of the water molecules breaks down anti oxidants and creates free radicals.  This guy is my customer.  This guy will pay for chemical free cleaning.  He cares if there is chemical residue on his floor, shower, and counters.   He knows natural does not mean safe.  This guy cares a lot and it is not a price decision it is a health and life decision for him.  He spent 45 minutes looking for a place to give him coffee in a paper cup this morning.  A bi weekly customer will generate $3,000 - $4,000 a year in revenue so I only need to find 250 people like him to hit $1,000,000 in revenue. 

 My nemesis this morning
It is true if I do mass marketing most of my customers will not care.   But if I really think about who this guy and where he goes, I can find more like him that will care.  I need to go where this customer is and not expect him to come to me.  I need to fish with a line and hook and not throw a huge net,  He probably uses gets his food from a farm coop or CSA.  He probably goes to a Yoga studio.  He subscribes to health publications.  He is highly educated on the topic of health so I can reach him there.  Not only does he exist but he is very easy to locate because it is a very specific niche and no one is serving him.  No one is speaking his language.  This is why the new chemical free cleaning company is going to be a success.

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