Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Product Tips - Magic Erasers

One of my favorite products is the melamine erasers.  Most people use the term Magic Erasers which is the Mr. Clean branded version but they are all basically the same.   All melamine is made by BASF in Germany, although various manufacturers modify the melamine by improving its scrubbing qualities, compressing it to increase it’s life, or adding a cleaning solution to the foam base.  At the end of the day they are all made from the same raw materials. 

What most people do not understand about melamine foam is it actually works as a very fine sand paper because of its very fine micro-porous structure.  It is important to always use a liquid with melamine to provide lubrication.  Melamine is very effective but it can damage some surfaces including flat paints and counter tops.  As a result you will always want to test them in a non obvious location.   Some of my secrets - they work great in showers with the fine white spots of soap scum that other things will not remove, they clean white sink basins like new, and they can remove a kool aid stain from a counter top.   (Although melamine may remove the shiny finish so always get permission to take the risk first.  I always say I can remove the spot but I may leave a dull spot and the customer almost always would rather have a dull spot than a red one.)

The other problem with these erasers is price.  If you buy them at retail they can cost from $1.00 - $2.00 each.  I buy imperfect (not perfect shapes) erasers from
www.spongeoutlet.com.  They work just as well as any brand and they cost only $0.33 each (with shipping) if you buy them in the case of 300 shown below. 

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