Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video: How Surfactants Help You Clean!

Well it is Tuesday so it is time for a technical tip.  Today we had a conference call on the Home Cleaning Technician class which inspired me to shot this video in my basement.  I was going to download some fancy software and dress it up some more but I kind of like the obvious home made look :-)   This a couple of minute example of what we will be teaching in the Home Cleaning Technician Class.  I hope you learn from it.  For more details on the class go to www.isetoday.com


Dee S. said...

Love technical tips and the science of cleaning. More of this, please. Looking forward to the HCT class in April at ELC Orlando.

BC said...

Thanks, Derek! Can you share some names of common surfactants?

Appreciate your blog and the wide range of topics. It is very helpful!